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more than shoe laces.

The philosophy behind it is to give colour, to personalise, to adapt to fashion, to trends, to differentiate oneself, to have fun, to exchange and apply infinite ideas that we may have to be unique.The versatility that allows us to make Sliwils is unimaginable. It is a lace that starts from a ready-made fabric, which means that almost any fabric can be the base for your Sliwils. This opens up a whole world of possibilities to create laces for shoes, for clothes, sportswear, accessories, etc. In other words, we can turn a simple shoelace into a whole universe of colour and fashion.

SLIWILS.Shiny shoelaces
SLIWILS GOLD LACE It is a tubular article made of bias woven fabric, a product that the company knows and manufactures to perfection,
Laces turned into fashion accessories.
Sliwils is a cord made from bias woven fabric, which gives it properties of resistance and elasticity, as well as a diversity of prints, colours and possibilities of personalisation, almost infinite.
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