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Just In Case H23/24.Vote is a real statement piece with its graphic design. Available in Cream (and black)

A flame ignited since 1999.

That’s when Katrien and Vicky shaped their dreams for the first time. Every so often the box is re-opened and out comes a different tune. And as they dance their way into a new paragraph, two painters, whose spirits still hover above the drawing board, look down on their granddaughters and smile.

Just in Case is an Antwerp-based womenswear label that’s well known for its tribute to romance and curtsy to sensuality. The collection allows women to be bold and dashing.

The story of Just in Case started when two women met on a bus. It took a few years for them to notice that they actually were spiritual twins.

When beauty is determined by the beholder, the details will constitute the soul of the work from Vicky Vink and Katrien Strijbol. Their vision on fashion is playful and their intuition for it unparalleled. Look at Just in Case as if it was an old book full of stories, handed down from generation to generation. With images that will reveal itselves when the timing is right. Behind every detail there’s a story, together they make a bigger story. In the end it turns out to be even more substantial than initially expected. Every chapter is placed into its own environment. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, another hidden door appears.

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