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ALLEY_blue eco print_CIELO-blue eco print ethical label Fam the label from Belguim
MALINKA_green caro_TWINSET_green caro Fam the label ethical fashion brand
MALINKA_green eco print_blue eco print3.jpg Fam the label sustainabel fashion belguim design eco mode fair trade fabric made in EU

FAM The label

A story about the birth of a Belgian sustainable fashion label

The Story

Before she created FAM, Vanessa Beniers was racing through life, like a lot of us, working a busy job with little creative satisfaction. Right after losing her mother and later also her job, she hit a metaphorical wall and crashed.

Loss is destructive but destruction always means opportunity, so Vanessa started digging for things that could give her life a renewed sense of meaning. She promised herself to never put another dream in a box, to unapologetically stand for what she believes in and to let love and passion guide her way. Turning her setbacks into wins ultimately guided her back to her childhood passion, her love for fine clothes.

Fam The Label is a Belgian brand celebrating female power and bold designs with unique prints. Fam The Label was created by Vanessa Beniers.
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